How It Works


8 steps



Meet together and confirm the plan

We listen to your needs and talk through possibilities. Tell us what you would love to see! You choose from some example websites of what style you would like and the structure of your pages. We talk through the process of how we will build and launch the site.


6 month subscription paid in advance

After we have clarified and agreed on expectations, we sign the contract. The first 6 months subscription payment is required upfront to build your website. You won’t need to pay anything more until the 7th month from when the website is launched. Cancel anytime.


Client submits content (text and images)

We will give you the structure of what content is needed for your website and you will need to fill in the blanks with any text or images you like.

Need help with your content? Allow us to recommend a photographer, copy writer or translator.

Step 4

Website built within 10 days of receiving all content

Once we have received 100% of the content we will begin to build the website. Within 10 business days we will have a final draft ready for your review (provided there are no content changes).



Client approves/revises website

One complementary round of revisions can be submitted to further update the website. Let us know of anything you would like changed or revised. List out all the changes you would like in one document.


Website launch

Once you are happy with your website, we will launch it to your customers!


Subscription begins 6 months after launch

Your monthly subscription payments will begin again in the 7th month after the launch, and can be canceled at any time.


We update and manage the site ongoing

We take care of all maintenance and updates on the website. Need something changed? We are available for support and will get back to you within 2 business days. If you’d like content changed, buy a ‘Bulk Update’ and we will update it for you. 


See our up front pricing




Why pay for a monthly web subscription over a website project?

2  reasons. 

1) It works out cheaper for the client.
Over the long run, MTM end up less than half the price of a normal web design and management situation, and could be 4 or 5 times cheaper depending on the website.

Check out what our competitors charge by clicking HERE


1st year: 

Setup $100,000 (could be double this?)
Maintenance: $15,000

2nd year: 
Maintenance: $15,000
Extra development $5,000

3rd year: 
Maintenance: $15,000
Extra development $5,000

4th year:
Redesign: $50,000
Maintenance: $15,000

5th year
Maintenance: $15,000
Extra development $5,000

TOTAL: $240,000+ over 5 years

THE MTM WAY (Package 1)

1st year:

Subscription ($1,499 x 12 months) = $17,988
Bulk Update: $0

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th year (per year):
Subscription ($1,499 x 12 months) = $17,988
2x Bulk Update: $1,998

TOTAL: $97,932 over 5 years

2) Its easier on the client.
MTM has to manage the site and take care of all the technical details. We insure its updated properly with no chance that it can be broken or damaged by an inexperienced client. We are there to support you so you can focus on running your business, not your website.


What happens if I cancel?

We will remove the website, give you your domain/email login details, and stop all payments. We require 1 months notice for cancelations to take effect. No penalty or cancelation fees.


Who owns the website and the domain?

You own the domain. We own the website and rent it to you. If you choose to cancel the subscription, we will give you the domain, but will remove the website and its content. We will not use the content for anything else.


Can I get a refund?

Not on subscription payments. Cancel your subscription at any time, but we do not provide refunds on subscription payments.



How do I make changes to the website?

Contact our support staff and request an update. ‘Bulk Updates’ allow for up to 20 content changes for $999.


What if I’m struggling to create and finalise the content?

You are the expert on your business, and you’ll need to think creatively about how to effectively summarise what you do and put it into text and images in a way that sells. Best thing is to sit down and do the best that you can and submit that. Remember you can always update it later with a ‘Bulk Update'. Some agencies rush their clients by giving them deadlines for submission. We have no deadline, take as long as you need! We will not start to build the website until we have received 100% of your content.

If you do not have good photos we can either recommend a photographer, or you will need to use copyright free stock images, or buy the licenses for some paid stock images. We can help point you in the right direction.

If you are not happy with your text, we can recommend a copywriter. If it needs to be translated, we can also refer you to a translator


How do I move content from my old website?

Copy and paste the old information over directly into the new forms we have given you and update or add any new information.




What about copyright for my photos or text?

You are responsible for the copyright of all content you submit. Make sure the images you use belong to you or are copyright free.


Do you do Search engine optimisation (SEO)?

No we do not include SEO in our packages. Please create content that is keyword friendly.

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