....Tea, ANYONE?..茶,任何人?....


....Jaw droppingly gorgeous websites. ..

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We listen to what you want
and talk through whats best for your business.

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We design the website, set everything up, and ensure that you are delighted with the end result.

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We manage all updates and take care of site maintenance so you don't have to do anything.

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You can relax knowing your brand has a beautiful website that always looks amazing.

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Beautiful on all devices

Your website will look amazing on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Guaranteed.

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We take care of all the technical and creative side of building and maintaining a website.

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We are here to serve

We are on call to make sure that if something needs to be changed or updated, we can get it done in record time.

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Display your products

Your customers want to see what you sell. Show them your whole portfolio in a beautiful gallery.

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Connect with clients

Link all your social media accounts and connect with customers through WhatsApp, live chat, and email forms all on the site.

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Online Store ready

Want to sell products online? We’ve can set everything up. You can sell physical products, digital products, or even services.


Why a website subscription with mTM?

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ThE outdated way

Traditionally, companies have hired web developers to build their website for massive initial costs. This can be anywhere from $25,000 HKD to over 250,000 HKD or more. Most are so expensive they won’t even clearly list their prices on their websites  (click HERE to see another HK web developer that does show their pricing. These prices are real! No exaggeration!). If you want to update or change anything going forward, you will have to hire them again at premium hourly rates. The website also starts to age quickly, and your left with a very expensive website that is beginning to look old and outdated. 

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The milk tea way

At MTM we have a very low setup fee, meaning anyone can have an amazing website. You then subscribe to one of our management packages for a low monthly fee. This means we are committed to keeping your website looking amazing, up to date (will look beautiful on every new phone/device released), relevant and well maintained. Because its a monthly subscription you can also cancel at anytime if you aren’t happy with your website and ongoing level of service. So you end up with a website that always looks amazing, is always updated, with timely and personal service and a far better overall price! Thats the Milk Tea way.


MTM is just better

Quit any time. No contracts.

On call personalised service. 

Always updated and relevant.

Future-proofed on all devices.

And… It ends up CHEAPER!


....hong kong..香港....

....Specialising in the needs of HK businesses, MTM provide beautiful solutions for locals wishing to reach a broader audience in Hong Kong and beyond. ..專注於香港企業的需求,MTM為當地人提供美麗的解決方案,希望在香港及更遠的地區吸引更多的觀眾。....


....Enjoy the milk tea experience ;)..享受奶茶體驗 ;)....